Structural Diagnostic Testing Services is a leading authority on Non-Destructive and Destructive testing, and inspection services.  We are industry leaders in Acoustic Emission monitoring, and offer Ultrasonic, Magnetic Partical, Penetrant, and other NDT test methods.

One of the questions that comes up when dealing with composites concerns proof of design.  Did the manufacturer build what the engineers specified?  Acoustic Emission monitoring during a proof test gives an answer to that question.

Visual Inspection services include Preventive Maintenance inspections and corrosion assessments.

Aerial Lift Device inspection and testing include a full comprehensive inspection and testing of bucket trucks, digger dericks, and cranes, utilizing AE, UT, MT, PT, visual, and dielectric methods.  Hot Stick dielectric testing is also available.  Our data analysis and reporting is about the best there is.

Material testing, including Tensile and Flexural testing of Fiber Reinforced Composite FRP materials, is available, along with AE monitoring to fully chariterize the properties of the material.

The Test Engineers of SDTS have been involved in these various methods for over 25 years, and have laminate manufacturing experience as well.

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